Icelandic Sagas

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Icelandic Sagas

The Icelandic Sagas are some of the medieval world’s most exciting stories. Products of Iceland’s democratic experiment, these thirteenth and fourteenth-century narratives fall somewhere between novel and epic, fusing history and legend with both bloody battles and social dramas, told through the eyes of Iceland’s greatest settlers. Designed for students, our Icelandic Saga series includes the original Old Norse with English translation, as well as vocabulary, grammar, maps and notes.

Tale of Thorstein Staff Struck

The Tale of Thorstein Staff Struck is a short saga set in Iceland’s East Fjords during the tenth-century Viking Age. Thorstein, a peaceful young man, is forced to live with the humiliating nickname “staff struck.” Even Thorstein’s father, an old Viking, looks down on his son as a coward. But Thorstein is no coward. Waiting for the right moment to take revenge, Thorstein reclaims his good-name in a way that brings honor both to him and his chieftain.


The Saga of the Families of Weapon’s Fjord

The Saga of the People of Weapon‘s Fjord is a classic Icelandic saga of feuding chieftain families struggling for power and survival. A lost world in the far North Atlantic opens for the modern reader. During the10th-century Viking Age in Iceland‘s East Fjords, a rich Norwegian trader stirs the greed of the local inhabitants. Sons avenge fathers, while wives and mothers demand honor for their families.


Viking, Old Norse, Viking Language, JWP, Jules William Press, Vikings, Archaeology, History, Norse, Medieval, Runestone, Rune, Saga
… With More Coming Soon!

There are dozens of Icelandic sagas, describing everything from the settlement of Iceland to encounters with dragons, giants, and the undead. We’re committed to bringing the public all of the most fascinating sagas and tales from this rich corpus. Although we’re adding new sagas and tales to our collection all the time, we’re interested in which sagas you want to see us publish next. Tell us which sagas you want!



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