Viking Archaeology

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Viking Archaeology

Viking Archaeology is the study of human remains, environmental adaption and social, cultural, and technological development in Scandinavia and overseas in the period from circa 750-1100. The study explores settlements and sites from central Asia in the east to Iceland, Greenland, and the North American continent in the west. The sites offer evidence of exploration, commerce, production, and urbanization, as well as raiding and conquest.

Our Viking Archaeology series is especially multidisciplinary. We analyze: excavations; the careful use of Old Icelandic and Old Norse written sources, including sagas and runes; and employ a wide variety of cutting-edge scientific applications. Our initial JWP publications focus on the excavations of the Mosfell Archaeological Project (MAP) in Iceland. The results of these excavations have far reaching consequences. They are casting new light on the Viking Age in the far North Atlantic from the 9th to the 11th centuries and in the following medieval period.

The Mosfell Archaeological Project Reports

The Mosfell Archaeological Project (MAP) is an international research project that has continued for more than 20 years and employs the tools of archaeology, anthropology, genetics, and history, as well as saga studies and environmental sciences. Our work is constructing a comprehensive picture of human adaptation and environmental change in the Mosfell region of southwestern Iceland beginning in the Viking Age


Forthcoming Reports and Publications from the Mosfell Archaeological Project

Watch this space for the latest archaeology publications from MAP!


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