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Jules William Press is a small press devoted to publishing the best about the Viking Age, Old Norse, and the Atlantic and Northern European regions. Jules William Press was founded in 2013 to address the needs of modern students, teachers, and self-learners for accessible and affordable Old Norse texts. JWP began by publishing our Viking Language Series, which provides a modern course in Old Norse, with exercises and grammar that anyone can understand. This spirit motivates all of our publications, as we expand our catalogue to include Viking archaeology and history, as well as Scandinavian historical fiction and our Saga Series.

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Jules William Press editions are available as paperbacks and ebooks on Amazon (UK, US, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA) and for booksellers on Ingram and Oxbow Casemate. 

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Maintained by Jules William Press, OldNorse.org is the ultimate guide for learning the language, culture, and history of the Vikings. The website includes guides to pronunciation, dictionaries, and blog posts suitable for all levels of learners. There are also additional resources provided for teachers of Old Norse.

Viking language series

Learn to read Old Norse and runes - the language of the Vikings.

Tales of the viking Age series

Journey into the Viking Age with our series of historical fiction novels.

Dual language Icelandic Saga series

Read the Icelandic sagas in Old Norse with a facing translation .