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Our Mission

We are a small press devoted to publishing the best about the Viking Age, Old Norse, and the Atlantic and Northern European regions with series focused on Old Norse language texts, historical fiction, Viking archaeology, and North Atlantic sagas and history.

Jules William Press was founded in 2013 to address the needs of modern students, teachers, and self-learners for accessible and affordable Old Norse texts. We began by publishing our Viking Language series, which provides a modern course in Old Norse, with exercises and grammar that anyone can understand. This spirit motivates all of our publications, as we expand our catalogue to include Viking archeology and history, as well as Scandinavian historical fiction and our student-centered saga series.

Our Team

Our team are individuals passionate about making Viking and Old Norse language and culture accessible to everyone.

Ilya Sverdlov

Editor and Old Norse Researcher

A Linguist and Germanic Philologist, Ilya Sverdlov specializes in the Viking Age, with a focus on Old Norse poetry and kennings. He holds a Ph.D. from Moscow Lomonosov University. Based in Finland, Ilya is a Core Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (University of Helsinki). He is also an accomplished translator.

Jesse Byock

Director and General Editor

Jesse Byock is Distinguished Professor of Old Norse, Medieval Scandinavian Studies at UCLA. With a Ph.D. from Harvard University, he is an archaeologist and specialist in Old Norse and the Viking Archaeology. In Iceland, he is professor  at  the University of Iceland, and Director of the Mosfell Archaeological Project (MAP). 

Cassandra Ruiz

Social Media Intern

Cassandra Ruiz is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in Iceland in computational engineering. She has an M.A. from Haskoli Íslands, in Medieval Icelandic Studies. She also has a B.F.A. from the University of Miami in History, as well as English Literature and Creative Writing.

Ashley Megan Byock

Series Editor

Ashley Byock, Ph.D Northwestern University, is a series editor at Jules William Press. A professor of literature, she brings an academic background to her roles in developing and editing publications. Ashley works with the team helping to identify strong potential books for the press’s series.

Basil Arnould Price

Editorial and Media Intern

Basil Arnould Price is a Wolfson Scholar in Old Norse at the Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of York. He holds an M.A from the University of York, and a B.A. from the University of Oregon, both in Medieval Studies. He also has a B.F.A in Art and Technology from the University of Oregon.

Other Places To Find Us

We bring our passion for Old Norse studies wherever we go. In addition to our publishing homepage, there are several other places where we share new discoveries and new materials from the world of Viking archaeology, history, and literary studies.


Jules William Press
Los Angeles, California

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