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Learn the language of the Vikings! Our Viking Language series teaches you how to read, write, and speak Old Norse with passages from the sagas and Norse mythology. Embark on a journey deep into heroic legends, runes, magic and history.

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Supplementary exercises


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Supplementary Exercises answers the need for a modern method to learn the language of the sagas. This new primer requires no previous language knowledge, and the beginner quickly starts reading original passages from Icelandic sagas, mythological texts, and sources about the Viking Age. Designed for quick learning on one’s own or in class, the lessons supply all necessary grammar, exercises, and vocabulary.

viking language Series

Viking Language

Viking Language 1 and Viking Language 2 were created to aid instructors, students and self-learners in to learn and teach Old Norse. . Graded lessons, saga readings, runic inscriptions, grammar exercises, pronunciation, maps, history sections, student grammar guide, and vocabulary teach Old Norse, Vikings, Iceland, old Scandinavia, myth and legends. 

No previous foreign language knowledge is required!



Old Norse - Old Icelandic

These books answer the need for a concise “primer” for learning Old Norse–Old Icelandic, the language of the sagas.The lessons provided in Concise Introduction teach how to read Icelandic sagas and Old Norse mythological texts in the original and is designed for both class use and self-learning. The Supplementary Exercises offer additional practice for mastering grammar and vocabulary. 

No previous foreign language knowledge is required!


Audio lessons

Learn how to pronounce Old Norse through these two MP3 albums. Listen to audio passages from the sagas spoken by native Icelander Ása Bjarnadóttir with introductions by Jesse Byock. These audio lessons also include instructions on how to read and pronounce Viking age runes. 

No previous foreign language knowledge is required!


Viking language series

Learn to read Old Norse and runes - the language of the Vikings.

Tales of the viking Age series

Journey into the Viking Age with our series of historical fiction novels.

Dual language Icelandic Saga series

Read the Icelandic sagas in Old Norse with a facing translation .