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Textbooks for learning old norse

Embark on a journey deep into the Viking World! Learning or teaching Old Norse is easy with The Viking Language Series. These textbooks have everything necessary to become proficient in Old Norse, including grammar, vocabulary, and exercises. The exercises and readings are based on actual texts from medieval Scandinavia, including the Icelandic sagas and poems as well as legends from Old Norse mythology. These materials will also prepare you for reading and writing in runes and perfecting your pronunciation of Old Norse. 

Dual-Language Sagas

English - old norse Facing editions

The Icelandic Sagas are some of the medieval world’s most exciting stories. Products of Iceland’s kingless experiment, these 13th and 14th-century narratives fall somewhere between novel and epic, fusing history and legend with both bloody battles and social dramas, told through the eyes of Iceland’s greatest settlers. Designed for students, our Dual-Language Icelandic Saga Series includes the original Old Norse with English translation, as well as vocabulary, grammar, maps and notes.


historical fiction

The Viking Age is a source of endless inspiration for contemporary writers and authors. Our Historical Fiction series focuses on myths and legends of the Viking Age, reimagined by modern authors. These novels invite the reader to embark on a journey deep into a world populated with heroes and outlaws, as well as dragons, shape-changers, and the undead.

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history of the Vikings – with an Old Norse dictionary, vocabulary exercises, pronunciation guides, information about runes, and more! 

Viking language series

Learn to read Old Norse and runes - the language of the Vikings.

Tales of the viking Age series

Journey into the Viking Age with our series of historical fiction novels.

Dual language Icelandic Saga series

Read the Icelandic sagas in Old Norse with a facing translation .